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Podcasts Tell Stories and Build Brand

The diagnosis of Autism has reached record levels. In Illinois, waiting lists for long-term supports are lengthy and growing. So what do families do to cope with caregiver fatigue and get through today? Kim Berenberg of Glenkirk talks about their respite program and the need for advocacy to generate action on services for the developmentally challenged. Episode 25 of the New Trier Township Podcast hosted by Jack Macholl.


Dr. Renee Dominguez shares her thoughts on Preparing the Child for the Path, Not Preparing the Path for the Child. Renee says being a parent is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Hear her thoughts on improving family communication skills, and the growth versus fixed mindset approaches to learning. Innovative thoughts from one of Illinois’ leading psychologists are available on Episode 27 of the New Trier Township Podcast hosted by Jack Macholl.


Mental health is at the forefront of the American healthcare/insurance debate. This interview with Amy O’Leary, Executive Director of Youth Services Glenview Northbrook investigates the stigmas associated with mental health and the limited options for youth/young adult counseling for low/moderate income families.